O’cean Hill is a singer/rapper/songwriter and producer from Miami Beach, FL., that is bringing an infectious new sound and a new genre of music that he created called Abstract Swing.

O’cean Hill comes from humble beginnings, he was born in New York City & raised on the Island of Puerto Rico. His love for the art of singing awakened at the early age of four while watching television appearances of legendary performers like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

The power and the presence of these great entertainers were crucial and very influential to the development of his musical career. O’cean started writing songs when he was only 12 years old and by the time he was 15 he was already producing and arranging his own music. A vivid imagination and creative energy has allowed O’cean to write songs for himself and other artists. When asked about what inspires him to write his own music O’cean replied, “Through my music I want to be able to be a vessel that connects people with their own personal walk with God.”

O’cean Hill’s first professional opportunity as a singer took place in Boston, Massachusetts, when he was given the chance to be the opening act for The New Kids On The Block, at the Lynn Memorial Auditorium in Lynn, Massachusetts. O’cean continued his trailblazing nature by creating, producing and hosting an Urban Music TV show that debuted on MTV International called Da’Klick where he interviewed the top Latin singers and rappers of the time.

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Now Is The Time

Dear God, I need to talk to you
Cause you're the only one that knows
the things I'm going through

I've been living in despair
Feels like no one really cares
Sometimes I can't breathe
Cause I'm running out of air

But each time that I look to you
You set me free
Make me feel brand new
Like a winner and not a sinner

Cause I know, I know
That you could hear my cries
Even though I felt alone
You never left my side

Dont Hesitate To Say Hello


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