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Dear God, I need to talk to you
Cause you're the only one that knows
the things I'm going through

I've been living in despair
Feels like no one really cares
Sometimes I can't breathe
Cause I'm running out of air

But each time that I look to you
You set me free
Make me feel brand new
Like a winner and not a sinner

Cause I know, I know
That you could hear my cries
Even though I felt alone
You never left my side

So I stand up, Stand up
So you can raise me high
Spread my wings like an eagle
flying high in the sky

You fill my life with victory
From now to eternity and forever
Your love is forever

CHORUS : Now is the time
When your leaving all your hurt & pain behind
Now... is the time

Imagine you are beautiful & one of a kind
Imagine you can leave all your hurt behind
Imagine you're unbroken & you were made to fly
Imagine you are champion that wins every time

With Him you'll never walk alone
I was in doubt but I've been shown
That He loves me
My God really loves me

So Stomp, Stomp,
Stomp your feet to the ground
Raise the roof with your praise
Shout his name really loud
Don't Stop spread his love all around
Throw your hands in the air
Surrender to him now

He broke my chains and set me free
I am saved and I'm redeemed in His name
and only in His name

CHORUS: Now is the time
When your leaving all your hurt and pain behind
Now... is the time

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